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Travel Blog - 3 DAYS - XINCHANG country boat and hiking!绍兴新昌三日游记

Written By: Marta

Hey guys!

This time I say hello from Xinchang in Zhejiang province. In the middle of the crowded chinese national holiday we managed to get away to the middle of the countryside, far from the noise, pollution and stress of our dear Shanghai!

Make sure you're ready for this trip because it is a crazy one...!

- 80 people!

- Boat trip in the rain (some of us wanted to see the water so close that ended up inside it...!)

- Extreme hiking in 3 different spots.

- Eating potatoes cooked in all kind of ways (in China!!)

- Surprise birthday party.

- Crazy Bollywood moves.

- Dressing the traditional costumes of Xinchang people.

- Following a drone like kids in the top of the mountain!

Are you ready for it? For sure?...Here we go! ;)

Day 1

We left Shanghai with two full buses ready to have fun! After 4h we arrived in Xinchang on our only rainy day! We had a boat trip in the river (Allan watched it closer than us...and even felt excited to swim that didn't even took his clothes off!! Ahah) and after that, hiking in the mountain. The views were really nice!

At night we had dinner in the town and finished with a very nice bonfire party, dancing like crazy people until the hotel decided it was time to sleep...if we were that loud it means we were having good fun! Congratulations and a big thank you to all the guys never disappoint...I really LOVED Bollywood dance!!

Day 2

Good morning sunshine!! Day 2 was amazing, sun was shining and the weather was perfect to visit the village!

We walked around traditional houses, learned how to make tofu and rice cake and had a lot of fun with female traditional costumes...!!

After lunch in the village we followed a local guide on a tough hiking till the top of the mountain! The view was amazing!! Later on we had a special surprise...we had a birthday girl, Naomi, and her good friend Hardy together with ok Deal crew arranged 3 huge local birthday cakes to celebrate with her in the bonfire party at night! It was a great, a very sweet surprise and awesome dancing party as well!!

Day 3

Day 3 was a blast! We hiked amongst the moutains ! Took some pictures to capture the wonderful momments in life!

I have to admit that I was not very sure about joining the trip this time. I was super tired because of work, my arm was hurt and and so many things to do...but it was the best decision I made...when you look back and think about your life, you don't think about the problems or about always remember the happy moments, the good thinks, the the end that's all that matters, a collection of moments. I'm really glad I joined and got to know all of you. Hope we can keep in touch, wish you all the best! ;)

I'll share with you one quote I found the other day, and that has been following me around lately, one of chinese favorites (Steve Jobs!):

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.


Thanks everybody, hope to see you soon! 谢谢!

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