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Selling seats at a low price, but packing them full of fees and charges. When it comes to air travel, Spirit Airlines has been making headlines in recent years for charging customers additional fees that could add up to thousands of dollars. Spirit offers relatively low fares, but these are typically a lot higher than what most major airlines offer. But how can Spirit afford to do that? And why would anybody buy a ticket from them if they’re so overpriced? The answer lies in their business model, which differs greatly from other airlines – especially when it comes to pricing structure and revenue stream. Basically: They want you to pay for everything extra! Here's what you should know about how Spirit Airlines really makes money: 1) Pay for What You Want (but Not Necessarily Get) - on average, one seat will cost roughly $40 - yet the basic product delivered isn't quite as simple as that figure might suggest. For example, some travelers have reported being charged $25-$35 extra just because they wanted legroom when booking an economy class flight! 2) Buy Their Extra Fees Up Front - all extras are available for purchase ahead of time, including carry-on bags and seat assignments; however, there's no discount whatsoever for doing so. 3) More Fees...for Everything Else! There are also service fees ($10), reservation change/cancellation fees ($100+), pet reservations (from $75-$100), unaccompanied minor fee ($100+)...the list goes on. In total, more than 100 optional items can be added to each ticket at either a fixed price or by billing passengers for individual services provided during flights. 4) Profit! Although many say that Spirit Airlines seems like a ripoff, it doesn't look like the company will go away anytime soon; so long as people are flying, they're going to continue making profits.

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