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OKDeal Travel Sign-Up Process and Q&As

Thanks for choosing OKDeal Travel. Please read the sign up process and notice below carefully before paying the deposit. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us.


How do I join a trip at OKDeal Travel?

1 Sign up online

Sign up at our Wechat customer service and pay the deposit. Once you paid the deposit, you'll be invited in the tour group.

2 Trip confirmed

You'll be informed once the trip is confirmed. Please book your flight/train tickets after the trip is confirmed. And please pay the balance at least 1 week prior to departure.

3 Read the trip notice carefully

Trip notice will be sent to the tour group 3 days prior to departure. All the information of the itinerary, hotel, scenic spots, weather condition, things to bring, what to do and NOT to do, etc will be included. Please read the trip notice carefully.

4 Meet up and enjoy the trip

Meet up at the designated location and start your awesome trip!

5 Customer service during the trip

If you have any problem during the trip,  feel free to contact our customer service and we are always here to help

6 Feedback after the trip

In order to improve our service, please finish the short survey after the trip. Your comments and suggestions are very welcome and valuable for us.

How do I sign up?

You could sign up on website or add our customer service OKDealTravel for inquiry and booking, 

Or contact 150-0179-1355


The limited spots on every trip will be saved for you after the deposit is paid. Please pay the deposit when you sign up or we could not guarantee a spot.

How much is the deposit and how do I pay it?

Deposit needs to be paid when you sign up. The balance needs to be paid 1 week prior to departure. We recommend you to pay on Wechat or Alipay.  Please leave a remark: (Name + Tour + Date) when you transfer the payment and inform WeChat customer service

About safety

Considering that there are some risks and uncertainties for outdoor trips, we will buy travel insurance for you on all tours. The fee is covered in the tour price.

Please strictly follow the tour leader's guide and do not act on your own. OKDeal Travel do not accept responsibility if the damage is caused by your own act. 

图虫 内蒙古坝上秋色草原牛羊.jpeg

What's the refund policy?

Deposit refund shall be in accordance with the following different circumstances

*If you cancel the trip due to personal reasons:

refund policy

Tour by bus

Tour by flight/train

7 days ≥ : Full refund

28 days ≥ : Full refund

< 7 days: refund half of the deposit

14 days ≥ : refund half of the deposit


< 14 days: no refund

-*If the trip is cancelled by OKDeal Travel due to any force majeure, your full payment will be refunded.

What's the price for children

A. 0-2 years old: 100rmb
B. 3-18 years old will be depending on: 
* height - normally if the child is under 1m, there's no tourist spot entrance fee in China
* Bus seat and hotel bed - If the child take his/her own seat on the bus and own bed at the hotel, there will be specific charges for each trip.

How many people are there in the tour group?

For long tour by flight, a trip can happen with at least 4-6 people, and the group size will be controlledataround 25 people maximum, (*Under 30 people for public holiday) to ensure you the best experience. Plus, we will send two professional English speaking tour leaders for group with over 20 people.

For short tour by bus, a trip can happen with at least 10-15 people, and the group size will be controlled at under 40 people. We will send at least two tour leaders for every short tour and three tour leader for group with over 30 people.

How's the hotel condition?

For long tour by flight or train, we use at least 🌟🌟🌟🌟 4 star local hotel or special boutique hotel

For short tour by bus, we will try to arrange 4 star standard hotel, but if the route is to remote areas, we guarantee a clean local hotel or hostel with AC, private bathroom and 24h hot water. 


A. solo guest

For solo guest, we will arrange another same gender guest to share the room with you. If you need a single room, or there's no other solo guest, the "single room supplement" needs to be paid.

B. Twin room / King room / Family room

We arrange "standard twin room" for all guests. If you need a "king room" or "triple room", please inform our customer service when you sign up. We will try our best to arrange but it's not guaranteed.

How's the meal condition?

For short tours by bus, most main meal is included in the price. It'll be local Chinese group meal; For long tours by flight or train, the main meal is usually not included in the price. 

Our advantage


Fun Bonfire Party

For short tours, we organize bonfire party at night with alcohol and snacks! ✌️ (If the condition does not allow a bonfire, we will hold the party indoors)


We guarantee your morning coffee

For all tours, we guarantee coffee, milk, bread, juice, etc for breakfast. 

How's the tour bus condition?

We use 4-9 seat business minivan or 14-53 seat high standard tour bus on all trips.

Our advantage

We guarantee at least 20-40% vacant seat  on the tour bus to ensure you a comfortable journey. ✨✨

Black List

We welcome all guests of different nationalities, cultures and religions. But we hold no tolerance for those who show no respect to the company policy, tour leaders, or other guests; Or cause trouble on the road, which includes but not limited to:


1. Delay or refuse to pay the tour deposit or balance.

2. Cancel without any decent reason.

3. Ignore the refund policy

4. Always unpunctual during the trip

5. Do not follow the tour leader's guide and act on his/her own.

6. Assault other guest or staff.


We will give a verbal warning first, depending on how serious the circumstance is. If it happens again, we will put him/her on the blacklist and refuse their event/travel registration in the future. Your support and understanding is much appreciated.

OKDeal Travel Disclaimer/Waiver

OKDeal Travel is not the source or supplier of the requested travel services; it acts solely as an agent for the actual suppliers services provided.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Delays and cancellations may occur on air flights, hotel reservations, and tours by theparticipating carriers and suppliers. OKDeal Travel cannot and will not assume responsibility for their or anyone’s acts. OKDeal Travel shall not be held liable for potential risks and any and all hazards associated with travel where injury of any type, delaysor methods of doing business or substandard or negative conditions or any other adverse conditions have or may occur. Depositor payment for travel services constitutes consent to all terms, conditions and agency Disclaimer.

OKDeal Travel shall not be responsible nor assume any liability for any of the following: 

1 Any cancellation of services by the supplier of any liability in arranging transportation, hotel and tours. OKDeal Travel is not responsible for personal injury, illness or property damage or other loss or expense of any naturewhatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of any actions of any person or supplier of services, programs oraccommodations. 

2 Any change or modifications by the supplier of itineraries,, routing, scheduling, departure time, level ofaccommodations, etc. 

3. Fluctuations in fares, rates, exchange rates, surcharges, taxes, fees and/or price differentials. 

4. OKDeal Travel's sole responsibility is to book your travel and will not be responsible for anything other than bookingyour travel. All travel is solely the responsibility of the Passenger and not of OKDeal Travel. 

5. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to acquaint him/herselfwith OKDeal Travel refund policy. Should a cancellation become necessary, please inform OKDeal Travel immediately in writing and request awritten confirmation of your cancellation. OKDeal Travel will follow industry procedures for refund as outlined inthe supplier’s brochure and subject to their review.

6. OKDeal Travel shall not be responsible for closures of scenic spots, suspension of sightseeing vehicles and cancellation of activities caused by any force majeure. Seasonal landscapes that depend on weather conditions, such as snow,flowers, leaves, etc., are greatly affected by weather changes and cannot be guaranteed. The pictures in the advertisements are for reference only.

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