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9 Best Water Activities for Summer Team Building

With the recent sizzling heat wave over Shanghai, you may have mistaken the city for a giant sauna. Although air conditioned malls and restaurants offer a much-needed reprise from the hot air, you can't spend your entire summer confined indoors. Why not go outside and cool down through the power of water instead? These 9 recommended outdoor water games and activities below offer plenty of aquatic amusements for both the young and old. Start around Shanghai today!

Rafting 漂流

Image by Jackalope West

Rafting is an exciting entertainment that people can enjoy in the summer. Therefore, it’s a perfect choice for those who live in the city and are looking for some sort of activity to help release their stress and increase adrenaline!

Kayaking 皮划艇

Kayaking with Family Dog

Whether it be an exhilarating ride or a calm water tour, challenge the river one-on-one in with our easy to use kayaks!

River Hiking 溯溪


River Hiking, widely known as Canyoning, is an increasingly popular outdoor activity in China that involves walking, wading, climbing, and trekking through rivers.

Stand-up Paddling (SUP) 浆板

Group SUP

Stand-up paddling, also known as SUP, has exploded in popularity during recent years. Serving as a combination of both kayaking and surfing, SUP is a fun and unique way to get out on any form of water in order to have a good time and get in some great exercise!

Swimming in Nature Pools 野泳


A burning hot summer is approaching again, are you ready to escape into the water? Let this summer pass by sweetly and refreshingly by embracing the cool waters offered by Mother Nature!

Sailing 航行

Image by Markos Mant

Just you, your shipmates, a 50-foot vessel, and the power of the wind. Now, with the breeze in your hair and the helm in your hands, you realize how far you and your teammates have come.

Rafting and Racing 扎筏泅渡

Water touring

Through utilizing bamboo and ropes to build a raft, each team will race down the river to see who will reach the other side first. A great way to show your team spirit!

Games On The Beach 沙滩游戏

Image by Sean Oulashin

A fun, yet intense, team development program designed to bring group dynamics, problem solving skills, and tactical survival ideas to the forefront. Participants will enjoy the great outdoors as they work in teams to overcome various physical and mental challenges.

Waterfall Repelling 瀑降

2016.6.9 千岛湖皮划艇.jpg

An adventurous, but safe, activity. Rappelling increases ability of team members to test new ideas and promote innovation.

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