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6 Best Destinations Around Shanghai to Escape Summer Heat

Summertime is finally here! As the days begin to get longer and the temperatures start to climb, you know what this season brings: relaxing nights on the patio, taking weekend trips with the family, enjoying the backyard barbecues, or exploring hidden nature. These places recommended will have you wishing it was the sweet summertime all year long.

Anji County

Located near Hangzhou, for all who love river hiking, or get into the water and float down the streams, as a county with rich water resource, Anji is the ideal place for you!


Being inside the canyon of Anji, the water runs even clearer and the mountains look greener. You’ll get freshen up in the non-polluted air, and escape summer heat in the ponds.

Spend the holiday in a lesser known attraction, you don’t have to deal with the hordes of tourists. It gives you the chance to connect with your surroundings without being distracted by loud crowds and littering. And there are many boutique or luxury guest houses.



 Xinchang County

It's that time of year when you gaze at the sunny weather outside, take a deep breath, and Google "best sunflower fields near me." Odds are, that's how you ended up on this page, no? Well, you're in luck! OKDealTravel here to help you celebrate the very best sunflower season in Xinchang, Shaoxing city.


As one of the most developed, activity-packed, yet pastoral locales within the Shaoxing municipality, this popular getaway is famous for its various featured landscape all year round.

Whether you're heading there with kids and looking for a family-friendly experience or simply curious about the most colorful backdrop to take a few beautiful photos, Xinchang is a nice destination you can’t miss.


Siming Mountain

Located at the north east of Zhejiang province, Siming Mountain or Simingshan is known as “Natural Oxygen Bar”, providing habitats with a vast array of animals and plants. It is covered by forests with clear pools and waterfalls, which makes it the perfect place to take a break from the busy urban life!


Thanks to green forests and fresh air, Siming Mountain has become a more and more popular resort too. Its clean air, mountainous panorama and beautiful waterfalls, not to mention the crystal clear water, are enough to compel anyone to visit.

What to do at Siming Mountain? You can admire cherry blossoms in spring, wander in Danshan Chishui in Autumn, go skiing during Winter. For SUMMER, you can hike up the secret trail, and jump into the clear and cool natural pools hidden deeply in the bamboo forest!



Most major cities have an exclusive summer escape for those with the cash to head for the hills. New York has The Hamptons; Spain, Marbella; France, St.-Tropez; and Shanghai has Moganshan.


About 2.5 hours by private car southwest of Shanghai, the lush mountain has long been the stomping ground of high-profile politicians, Chinese gangsters, foreign missionaries, and well-heeled expats.

Thanks to its elite clientele and countryside appeal, the area has been dubbed the “Hamptons of China”. Even without the beaches, it’s a place deserve to go where you can wander through tea plantations by day, cycle for sightseeing, loll in the swimming pool, barbecue, enjoy bonfire party and sip wines late into the evening.



Except from the Humble Administrator’s Garden ( Zhuozheng Garden ) , there is another park to admire the beauty of lotus: The Lotus Pond Wetland Park, just 2-hour car drive away from Shanghai.


There are lotus ponds with hundreds of types of lotus, pavilions, scenic view towers, and tea house dotted the park. With much less crowds, it offers a relaxing environment for tourists to truly enjoy themselves.

Within 30-minute drive from the park, there is a peaceful temple call Chongyuan Temple, which is built on a lotus-shape base. Enter the meditation room, let go of your anxiety, stress, all the troubles for temporary, and you’ll fresh your mind up!



 Ancient Towns


If you prefer more indoor places to spend your weekend without sweating a lot, or if you’re interested in China culture, the ancient towns on outskirts of Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province might be the best choice!

There is a general name to call them: 江南水乡古镇 (Jiangnan Shui Xiang Gu Zhen).  The translation in English is Ancient Water Town from South of the Yangtze River, or Jiangnan ancient water towns. Water transportation is also a unique scene. Although nowadays boats more or less carry only tourists.


 The history of the Jiangnan ancient water towns can be traced back to the Hemudu era dating back more than 7,000 years. It is quite common that the architectural layout and the local daily life scenes in Jiangnan ancient water towns are seen in some Chinese traditional ink paintings.

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