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Essential Tips For Soaking In The Hot Springs In China

Is there really anything better than soaking in the hot springs and totally unwind in a cold winter day?

The water issuing from a hot spring is heated by hot rocks inside the Earth's crust. It is usually rich in minerals like carbonate, calcium, sulfur, vitriol, chloride, etc, so it has some therapeutic effects on various diseases such as skin diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and anemia.


Here are some common tips of taking a bath in a hot spring. The actual rules may differ slighly between baths, but if you follow the instructions below, you should be alright most of the time.



Showering beforehand dilates the pores and prevents obstruction, and multiplies the skin’s absorption of the water’s effects.




Bathing in hot springs requires a lot of energy and rapid depletion of water. Remember to replenish hydration prior to entering the water to maintain your body’s hydration balance.




The best water temperature is 38℃~42℃. Do not exceed 45℃. Rest is recommended after bathing for 15 minutes. On average, do not bathe for more than 30 minutes for risk of overburdening the heart. Bathing in hot springs should be limited to 3 times a day; For the hot spring to thoroughly display its effects, bathe for 5~15 minutes and rest before bathing again.




Using your chest as a basis, bathing above the chest is considered a full-body bath and bathing below the chest is considered a partial-bath. Partial bath is suitable for elderly people and children as it is safe and healthy. Full-body bath is suitable for reinvigorating the body but should be kept to a shorter period of time.




Should you feel any discomfort during bathing, such as: heart palpitations, dizziness or other symptoms, slowly rise and step out of the water to rest.




Constantly wipe away sweat: When bathing, try to wipe away any sweat. After bathing, make sure to wipe all the excess water away to prevent catching a cold.




Bathing in hot springs for extended periods of times and the more times the better is actually a misconception. Improper bathing times or overly high water temperatures will cause a dramatic depletion in the skin’s water and oil content, leading to itchiness of the skin. If it is your first time in a hot spring, it is best not to stay in there for more than 20 minutes.


 For Hot Spring Newbie 

 The process before entering the Hot Spring 

First, after checking in hotspring resort, you will get a Magnetic Key with your own locker.You need to storage your clothes in it and change swimming suit.In general,The hot spring resort will offer towel and plastic slippers, so you do not need to bring it.


Then, Showering before bathing hot spring.There will be Shampoo and shower gel at the Shower room.


After,There are many hot spring pool indoor, outdoor and sauna room with different effect.Try to choose one or two that you like most and enjoy the retreat.


Last, back to the changing room, take a shower and change bathrobe, take a good relax with a body/foot massage, you will fully enjoy this hotspring/SPA retreat.



What You Should Bring

Swimming Suit  泳衣

Body Lotion 身体乳

Facial Mask 面膜

What Hot spring Resort will Offer?

 Towel/ Bath Robe 浴巾/浴衣

 Anti-Slippery Slipper 防滑拖鞋

 Shampoo/ Shower Gel 洗发水/沐浴液

 Hair Drier 吹风机

 Cotton Sticks 棉棒

 Tissues 抽纸

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