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Where is Tibet? 90% of People are Wrong!

Are you still confused about the general term “Tibetan Area”? Is Tibet equal to Tibetan Area?

What exactly is “Amdo” “Kham” and “U-Tsang” that we often heard of?

Do you still only think of Potala Palace and Mt. everest when talking about Tibet? And thinking you'll only have to get a Tibet permit to visit Tibet?

Don't worry, today we will explain everything about Tibet to you in the most comprehensible way! And to introduce you the absolutely stunning side of Tibet you never knew about! 

Is "Tibet" equal to "Tibetan Area"?
- No

To put it simply, Tibet belongs to Tibetan Area, but Tibetan Region is far more than just Tibet.


Usually, Tibet refers to “Tibet Autonomous Region” - TAR. TAR is regarded as what the item Tibet indicates by most people globally in the modern world.

However, Tibet Autonomous Region covers only 50% of the land mass of the Tibetan Plateau. Roughly 60% of the Tibetan people live outside of the TAR in other regions of Tibet.

The term “Tibetan Area” encompasses the entire Tibetan Plateau where the Tibetan people are native to. This includes all counties of TAR, 95% of the land area of Qinghai province, southwest Gansu, northern Sichuan, western Sichuan, and far northwest Yunnan.


Traditionally Tibet is divided into three specific regions - U-Tsang, Kham and Amdo.

*Useful info:

For foreigners making a tour to Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet permits is required. But if you making a Tibet tour to other Tibetan areas, like Amdo Tibetan Area or Kham Tibetan Area, you do not need to apply for Tibet permits.


Where is “Amdo”“Kham” and “U-Tsang”?

According to various topographic features and the dialects distribution, Tibetan-populated area used to be divided into three proportions, namely U-tsang, Amdo, and Kham in Tibetan. Together they comprise the majority parts of Tibetan Plateau.


land of faith

Including-TAR: Lhasa/Shigatse/Shannan/Ngari

U-tsang is situated in the south-central Tibet in the old time and now, with the capital city Lhasa as the regional center. It indicates the area with Lhasa, Shigatse, Shannan, and Ngari and believed as the most fundamental part of Tibet in the history and now, with the religious and administrative significance. Beside the renowned Polata Palace and Mt. everest, there's so much more stunning natural and cultural sites to see!

Hidden gems of U-Tsang

Zhada Earth Forest
📍 Ngari, Tibet


Ruins of Guge Kingdom 
📍 Ngari, Tibet


Qilin Gorge
📍 Shigatse, Tibet


📍 Lhasa, Tibet


Kula Kangri
📍 Shannan, Tibet


Gyantse Fortress
📍 Shigatse, Tibet


thousand mountains

Sichuan: Garzê Prefecture
Yunnan: Diqing Prefecture
TAR: Chamdo/east Nyingchi

Situated in the Hengduan Mountain area of east Tibetan Plateau, Kham region is also considered as the "Greater Shangri-La Core Area"  and renowned for it's magnificent nature, such as the world-famous Daocheng Yading and Shangri-La Tiger Leaping Gorge. It is also the transition zone between the habitants of Han Chinese and Tibetan and believed as the "corridor of culture"

📍 Garze, Sichuan


White Water Terrace · Baishuitai
📍Diqing, Yunnan


Laigu Glacier & Rakwa Tso
📍 Chamdo, Tibet
来古冰川 & 然乌湖,昌都,西藏


Zizhu Temple
📍Changdu, Tibet


Mount Gongga
📍 Garze, Sichuan


Seda Wuming Buddhist Academy
📍 Garze, Sichuan


Tagong Grassland & Tagong Monastery
📍 Garze, Sichuan
塔公草原 & 塔公寺,甘孜,四川


Daocheng Yading
📍 Garze, Sichuan


land of nomads

Sichuan: Ngawa Prefecture
Gansu: Gannan
Qinghai: 95% of Qinghai province
TAR: Nagqu

Amdo covers most of Qinghai Province, part of northwest Sichuan Province, and southwest of Gansu Province. It has always contributed as the biggest pastureland in the Tibetan-populated area, breeding good horses. Influenced greatly by the two ethnic neighbors Han Chinese and Mongolians, the folk custom and culture here though still typically Tibetan, are very distinctive by the amalgamation.

📍 Ngawa, Sichuan


Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong
📍Ngawa, Sichuan
九寨沟 & 黄龙,阿坝,四川


Ganjia Grassland & Baishiya
📍Gannan, Gansu
甘加草原 & 白石崖,甘南,甘肃


📍Nagqu, Tibet


Tibetan Area is a vast and diverse region full of undiscovered natural wonders and cutural miracles. It takes Joseph Rock nearly 30 years to explore yet mystery still remain.

If you are fascinated by Tibetan culture, yet find it difficult to visit TAR right now, head for western Sichuan, Gannan Gansu, Diqing Yunnan would be the ideal choice. Trust us, these beautiful destinations will surprise you in every aspect!

Special Offers

OKDeal Travel offers a variety of Tibetan Regions Tour packages to suit all your traveling needs. Whether it’s going on a remote camping trip or relaxing at a luxurious resort, we could help you design exactly the vacation you want. Read through the list of specials and see if anything catches your eye. Get in touch to start planning your next getaway today.


2022 Year-Round Classic Tibet Tour - Lhasa/Shigaste/EBC

Start From  5599rmb/person

A classic 8-day tour that includes all of the iconic Tibet destinations, offering fabulous monasteries, breathtaking high-altitude walks, stunning views of the world’s highest mountains and one of the warmest cultures you will ever encounter.

An ideal choice to fully experience the magnificient nature and fascinating culture of the sacred land of the Himalaya.

扎尕那高清 图虫创意-786752409988890691.jpg

2022 Year-Round【Gannan, Amdo - Wild Land of Tibetan Nomads】

Start From 5999rmb/person

In this 7-day in-depth tour, you’ll adventure through the vast yet unspoiled pure land of Gannan area, into a dazzling world of colossal mountains, majestic canyons, ancient glacial landforms, vibrant grasslands, turbulent rivers, primitive forest, fairytale hidden valleys and alluring lakes,  and taking a cultural pilgrimage to some of China’s most important Tibetan Buddhism sites, thousand-year-old grottoes, and experience authentic Tibetan nomads life!


2022 Year-Round【Shangri-La/Blue Moon Valley/Tiger Leaping Gorge】

Start From 6599rmb/person

In this 7-day tour perfectly combined with nature and culrue, you’ll fully explore the mysterious Shangri-La Dukezong town, to breathe in the Tibetan world, visiting legendary Ganden Sumtseling Monastery, learning to make Tangka art, and dining with Tibetan family; You'll also embark on an epic journey to hike the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge, explore the stunning Blue Moon Valley, visit the magnificent Balagezong Canyon, and spend relaxing time in Napa Lake.

茶卡盐湖 模特.jpg

2022 Year-Round【Qinghai & Gansu TOP 1 Legendary 8-Day Silk Road Tour】

Start From  6999rmb/person

Discover the treasures of the legendary Silk Road on this 8-day adventure through the gigantic regions of northwest China - an almost dizzying agglomeration of desert, grassland, raging river and colossal mountains - retracing the ancient trade route that linked East and West. 

An epic journey across diverse landscapes to see some of the country’s most sublime natural scneries and cultural relics. From the unreal Rainbow Mountain and miracle desert oasis to the final frontier of China's Great Wall and rock-cut Buddhist masterpieces, this is an unforgettable Eastern odyssey.

Yading .jpg

【Last Pure Land】Daocheng Yading In-Depth Tour

Start From 7699rmb/person

The wild Western Sichuan is definitely one of the bucket-list destinations in China for outdoor lovers, the “Soul of Shangri-La” with extremely dreaming wonderland. 

In this tour, you'll drive along the 318 National Highway, the TOP 1 most beautiful self-driving route, into “the last pure land on our blue planet”, feasting your eyes on a dizzying agglomeration of golden forests, pure blue alphine lakes, beautiful autumn meadows, sacred snow mountains, rich Tibetan Buddhist cultural heritages, and discover China's best-kept secret where explorer Joseph Rock wanted to visit again and again. 

雨崩 图虫创意-930754245287084127.jpeg

【Outdoor Paradise】Yubeng Trekking, Balagezong Grand Canyon & Village Winery

Start From 6590rmb/person

This is a sophisticated hiking trip with the most classic and beautiful part of the best highlights of Yubeng, starting from Xidang Village, passing glaciers, snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, primitive forest and pastures...


2022 Group【Wild Mt.Hengduan of Yunnan】Hiking/Winery/Wild Life

Start From  6590rmb/person

This trip is for adventurous travelers looking for an experience that offers physical and cultural activities, wild life discovery and untouched off the beaten path regional exploration.


2022 Group【Best 3 Yunnan Hiking Trail】Abujicuo/Mt.Qianhu /TLG

Start From 6790rmb/person

Have long have you been trapped in the city? Do you want an escape to somewhere with no phone signals, no trace of human, but only the tranquility of nature? If yes, this is the perfect trip for you.

白水台 图虫创意-样图-379175329456848921.jpeg

Jun 3-9【Outdoor Trip】Hike& Glamping Mt.Haba, Mt. Jade Dragon & White Water Terrace

Start From 6590rmb/person

In this tour, you’ll have the chance to hike off-the-beaten-path route into these two legendary mountains, to discover some of the most undisturbed sceneries away from tourists, to glamping by stunning alpine lake, and to simply enjoy the tranquility of mother nature.

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