Travel Blog | Graffiti Village &Qiongtai Valley Excursion

Article by: Jennifer Stamm

Okdeal Graffiti Village &Qiongtai Valley Trip in 1-3 October 2018

The Golden Week, in the People’s Republic of China, is a semi-annual national holiday implemented in 2000.

The holiday falls in the warm and vibrant colored month of October, making it a golden time for traveling around the country, hence the name “The Golden Week.”

Its a celebratory time in the most populous country, China, with a huge boom in the tourism industry. China attractions and landmarks are crawling with its residents relishing in the monumental sights of their country.

I decided to join “OKDealTravel,” for a group holiday excursion to China’s Eastern coastal province, Zhejiang.

First stop on the tour was to the humble village of Jinmankeng, in Tiantai County.

The village is recently acclaimed as the “Graffiti Village,” and is surprisingly known for its art culture!

The artistic village accomplished its ambition for ecotourism by hosting painting competitions; over 100 artists sped one month painting around 50,000 square meters of village homes.

The homes in this quaint countryside has attracted many visitors, benefiting its economic status. Visiting Jinmankeng, my surroundings were transformed with 3D murals that were painted on the villagers homes.