Travel Blog | Kayaking Bald In Thousand Island Lake

Articel by: Emma Huang

Photo/GIF Credit: Emma Huang

Okdeal Thousand Island Lake & Kayaking Trip in 9-11'June'2016

Summer is the season for fun on the trail, golden tans, and a splash in the lake. It’s always delightful to bake yourself on the dusty trail and then wash off the grit as you dive into cool water; what a way to let nature work the stress out of your body.

For people like me, who can’t really swim, this trip still had much entertainment to offer.  At least part of that entertainment was me in a bikini, and the other part was getting out on to the open lake for some pristine paddling.  Kayaking on Thousand Island Lake was an excellent start to my summer.

1. Heading off from Shanghai

Driving away from a dull and drizzly Shanghai, I didn’t expect any serious sunshine. Yet, in this trip with OK DEAL,  I experienced the sunniest Dragon Boat holiday. A dozen unexpected sun burns showed up after some deep French style sun kisses. 

There's a saying that goes, “When you are traveling with the right mood, the weather is more likely to do you some good.” Although the traffic in a public holiday couldn't seem to cut us a break. Nevertheless, a bright blue sky had made up for it on the way. 

A good meal helped jump start an amazing trip. Waking up from a dream, I found our bus already stopped at our resort. One of the restaurants in this resort - “FISH MUSIC CLUB” - was decorated with a fishing boat. I wasn’t so sure where the music came from, but I couldn't care less when I tasted the food.  What satisfying meal! 

2. Cycling in a Fabulous Island

In the afternoon we arrived in an island with bikes for rent and a well-constructed greenway to guide cyclers. We were told that taking a circle on this island would take a whole day, so we decided to have a relaxing cycle in the sunshine, which in fact only took an hour to complete. 

Our travel group consisted of people from all over the world.  But after a 3-day’s intimate contact with each other, the gap had been replaced by much more understanding, love and respect.

We got a few cool acrobats who accidentally joined in the group and a few lovely couples who were ready to have a second honey moon; We got a few family kids who were absolutely more independent than most adults and a few BFFs or potential BFFs…

Our first day schedule started with an unforgettable meal and ended with a bonfire party (or more of a beer pong competition later that night). 

It’s unfortunately a little too hot to sit around a summer bonfire, but who can resist some tasty barbecue marshmallow and cold alcohol? After a few drinks, we all began to appreciate precious travel time spent together as a team.