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Travel Blog-Moganshan Escape and Hotsprings!清明莫干山游记

By Marta

Spring arrived! And with it the flowers, the gentle breeze and the breathless landscapes, perfect timing for a trip in the mountain!

DAY 1 -We left Shanghai on our way to visit the ancient town of Xinshi. We explored the old streets,mingled with locals, saw the old paintings and tea houses. From the shocked reactions we got, I can tell a lot of the locals have seen a foreigner for their first time!! It was hilarious, from pointing fingers to shouts, we were just like western aliens landing on foreign ground ahah! After a great lunch we continued the trip to the mountain where we were sleeping.

DAY 2 - We woke up with an amazing sun, perfect for a tai-chi class in the mountain! It was amazingly relaxing and energizing at same time! During the afternoon we were able to chose between hiking, cycling or relaxing in the terraces and at night we had a great BBQ party, Bollywood and latino dances (Some of us are very talented...! ahah;) and a great camp fire that joined us through the night welcoming warm conversations and a great feeling of harmony with nature.

DAY 3 - Hotsprings day!! The sunny day gave the feeling of antecipated summer and the amazing landscape was the perfect scenery for a lot of fun and nice photos!

This is already my 5th trip with Ok deal, and I have to say that it's getting better and better. Besides the incredible sceneries and landscape, its amazing having the chance of knowing so many and different people and listen to all that they have to tell. It was amazing getting to know all of you (40 people this time!!) and it was more than worth it doing this trip together:

Travel only with thy equals or thy betters; if there are none, travel alone. -Buddha

Thanks everybody, hope to see you soon! 谢谢!

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