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Travel Blog- One-Day Dianshan Lake Kayaking and Sailing

Posted by Ana Maria on September 14, 2015

When it comes to aquatic recreation or leisure in Shanghai, most of the people might only recall “The Beach”, located near The Cool Docks or even a 30-minute cruise at Huangpu River. But what they cannot imagine is that there is a better place to spend a day or even a weekend getaway more suitable for aquatic related activities.

After an hour and a half journey and surpassing the hectic Shanghai traffic, we had the chance to go to this amazing place, which is a resort located 60kms west from the center of Shanghai (not that far right?).

Dianshan Lake is the mother river of Shanghai and the source of Huangpu River, and the fresh water lake in the city. It has beautiful hills and broad meadows aside from facilities to do all kind of aquatic sports such as rowing, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing and Chinese dragon boat racing. Wandering around, you will also be amazed by the different Chinese architecture you can see on the way, which can be a really nice backdrop from a picture souvenir from this place.

Once we arrived there, one of the assistants from the resort tour guided us to all the facilities and the different areas the resort had.You can see all the rustic and cozy bungalows with a beautiful view to the lake aside from a very natural environment with all sorted of plants and a birdcage in the middle to let you hear their chant all day long.

Nearby the bungalows, you can even play water golf, beach volley, football and even have a barbecue area for an enjoyable picnic lunch or a night bonfire.

After the tour, we had our lunch all together to get to know each other and share are experiences in China. There is a Western restaurant that serves American hotdog, pizza, pasta and even dumplings and the prices were not that bad (an average of 60rmb per dish). However, the best plan is to bring your own picnic meal and spend the morning or the night over that resort.

The first activity we had is the kayaking. At first impression in might not be so easy to get into those canoes but in the end and after rowing, the silent and the tranquil sound of the water was worth it. Then some of us went sailing in the lake.

Even the weather was a little bit gloomy, watching the horizon and only feeling the water and the wind caress your skin in a smoothly way made you feel so distressed.

After that, we could see a dragon boat racing from a company field trip where we saw the workers doing this as a teambuilding activity.

To end the day, we had another hour of free time to head again back to the downtown.

It seems Shanghai is not only about neon lights, traffic and all the noises. If you have the chance to join this trip, it will be really revitalizing and relaxing, especially after a busy schedule in the city. It’s a must to do while staying here!


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