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Travel Blog | Serving Cherry Blossoms for Sunday Brunch!

Article by: Vijayapal Gogula

Okdeal Tai Lake Cherry Blossom Tour in 24 March 2019

On 24 March, OKDealTravel organized a trip to Wuxi for amazing cherry blossoms view. Feel so pity that you didn't join us? Don't worry, let's enjoy the beautiful scene through this travel blog by Vijayapal Gogula.

Roses were my favorite, that’s until I was struck by the beauty and appeal of the Cherry Blossoms!!!

Fed up with an overdose of Shanghai’s winter, I looked forward to the freshness of Spring that was actually setting in. My hubby and I were scouting for places nearby ready to experience the magic of Spring. Japan had always been on our Spring Travel Bucket List for a long time now, but we couldn’t quite get around to planning it, thanks to our 10-7 jobs!

As luck would have it, we saw the one-day Cherry Blossom trip by OKDeal Travel. We couldn’t control our excitement and decided to go for it. Cherry Blossoms are symbolic of Japan, but imagine experiencing their beauty right here in China!

Yes, you read it right. Apparently, a group of Japanese visitors had gifted 30,000 cherry blossom trees of 67 different species as a sign of friendship between the two countries. Thanks to this wonderful gesture, we have the Wuxi Taihu International Cherry Blossom Festival, a 3-hour drive from Shanghai.

We were a group of 45 people from different parts of the world led by young and friendly tour leaders. The bus ride didn't really feel long, especially given what was coming our way.

Once we got off the bus, we took the Cruise to Turtle Head Island. We were on the upper deck, the cool breeze put our minds at ease while we were relishing our Club Sandwich offered by Element Fresh. Experiencing nature in all its glory, taking pictures and of course some selfies too, we arrived at Turtle Head Island in a few minutes.

The tour leaders handed us a map of the Island, and we started our tour. We walked a few steps and what I saw around me reminded me of How Beautiful Change Can Be!!! I saw beautiful pink and white cherry blossoms around me and my favorite spot on the island, the Ever Spring Bridge.

No trip in China is complete without witnessing the country's vast culture and tradition. The Chinese architecture has my heart. This side of the island had trees with absolutely no leaves or flowers, and I thought our trip had ended. Let me tell you, I was so mesmerized by the pretty pink flowers around me that I didn't even open the map given to us.

I just kept walking. Save the best for the last, and this was exactly how the route was planned. Little did I know that I would land amidst a lane full of Cherry Blossom trees, and a few more steps would lead me to Pink heaven ahead!

Young girls wrote wishes related to their loved ones on pink wind chimes and hung it to the trees.

The Cherry Blossom viewing pavilion overlook the charming and scenic cherry flowers. The climb to the Luding Hill was tiring but one of the most impressive view of the Taihu lake and Cherry Plantation. I was baffled with the beauty of Spring, so much so that I wanted to stay there forever.

The day was coming to an end and the entire Island was lit in beautiful lights enhancing the panoramic scenery of the pink blossoms.

At the end of the day, my eyes were sparkling and my soul was filled with joy.

The entire trip was pleasant and hassle-free! OKDeal brought us immense happiness in the form of a Cherry Blossom Sunday Brunch!


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