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Travel Blog - GUANGDE Country Tour Qingming Holiday2015

Spring arrived! And with it the flowers, the good (rainy!!!) weather and the outdoor activities! This Qingming holiday the trip was promising...mountains with waterfalls, horseback riding, BBQ PARTY and a visit to the special guest, a litlle dog named Divo and besides all that I was reuniting with a lot of old friends that I met exactly 1 year ago in Ok Deal Moganshan trip!

Get ready, I'm going to take you along this amazing trip! ;)、


We left Shanghai in the morning and after lunch in a restaurant in the middle of the mountains we did some hiking, visited the waterfalls and played like little kids in a playground!!

We were able to see some cultural differences from this area, specially vegetation and different kinds of food that we were able to try during those 3 days.

At night after dinner we had a party around the fire that due to singing and dancing of our extremely talented group, caught the attention of the whole town!! Give us a guitar and we make the party!! It was awesome! =D


Today was the day! We were going to the ranch to ride horses, bike and hike!

The rain was trying to make it difficult but it didn't stop us from transforming into a crew of smurfs and stroll around in the area!!

After all the activities we had dinner in the ranch, one amazing BBQ and the best party ever!!

There were guitar players, singers, saxophone, piano, new found drums talent and a lot of Bollywood music and was CRAZY GOOD!

In the same day there was also a farewell party...sadly one of the cowboys from the ranch found out he had cancer and only 3 months to live, so despite his family, wife and two kids e decided he would end his life travelling and discovering the world. I can't imagine how brave someone has to be to deal with this kind of situation. Sometimes it's in this moments that we find the value and purpose of our lives. Every day I try to remember myself what 's really important for me, what makes me happy, which people I want to have near me in my life, because the only thing we have is now, this moment, past is gone and no one knows what the future will bring.

Before leaving the ranch I went to him to tell him some words but the only thing I could do was hug him and wish him luck. Happiness is actually a journey and I hope he has a good one. I'm from Portugal and despite I'm not a religious person it is still a very religious country, I remembered something my grandma used to say, 'When god takes a life he brings a new one into the world.'

The day after, when we returned to Shanghai, we just had the news that a baby horse was born! Let me introduce you the new baby horse!! Still searching for a name! Feel free to suggest...!


The last day was spent in the biggest cave I've ever seen!! It was fully iluminated with colorful lights, with many different shapes and even a canal where you could take a boat! We spent at least 2h inside it!

On the way back we were able to take the cable car and enjoy the views!

This is already my 7th trip with Ok deal, and I have to say that it's getting better and better. Besides the incredible sceneries and landscape, its amazing having the chance of knowing so many and different people and listen to all that they have to tell. It was amazing getting to know all of you (40 people this time!!) and it was more than worth it doing this trip together:

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget.

Thanks everybody, hope to see you soon! 谢谢!

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