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Travel Blog - Sept Holidays Suichang With All Greenery & Water!!

By: Rajan | OKDealTravel

As the Sept Public holidays were approaching ,everyone in shanghai whether expats or local Chinese planned holidays in best possible way. Working as an intern with OK Deal Club!,I got the opportunity to join OK, Deal! Club 3-Day Suichang Country Getaway -- Terrace and Waterfalls Valley Hiking, River Rafting Hotspring & Pool swimming 3rd-5th Sep. 2015浙江遂昌“人间仙境”千佛山南尖岩梯田爬山漂流温泉三日游


Suichang Country, is located Southwast of Zhejiang Province best known for sightseeing of the cloud sea from terrace at Mt. Nanyanjian(南岩尖景区) , hiking in the breathtaking bamboo forest, & toenjoy the beautiful waterfalls and natural swimming pool and adventurous rafting at the Wuxi River(乌溪江)

Day 1:

On 3rd of Sept as planned I along with 48 guest boarded the around 8’o clk and left for Fascinating tourist spot suichang .everyone was excited for the fun and adventure .we reached at our hotel around 3’o clk Qianfoshan Hotel(千佛山酒店) ,its view was fantastic..located in the Qianfo Mountain scenic area.

Tea Gardens

Our Tour guides instructed us with all the necessary details. In the evening our team visited tea gardens and village close to our soon as we reached eyes were left wide opened as the view was spectacular,surrounded by tall lush green mountains,tea gardens ,clouds were all making us feel refreshed and tried to capture fantastic view in our cameras& also interacted with some local people to know them more closely .

Dinner and Party Time

At night we had a party served with drinks and snacks.All were busy in enjoying in their own ways.& one more interesting thing about this trip which further added joy in our party was that ,evryone was from across the different parts of world .and party gave us platform to socialize.

Day 2

As I woke next morning fresh air and the view around made me more freshened up followed by breakfast which was delicious, combo of both Chinese and western style.


We stared hiking cum walking tour of the 300 meters of natural mountain Maitreya, the Buddha. Natural Buddha set tall, . Quiet area within the canyon, dense forests, clear spring through them, creating a stunning waterfall, pond, lake, stream and other waters landscape.

Forests, Qifengyishi, beautiful scenery, known as "Jiangnan small Jiuzhai" Future Qianfoshan Temple scenic area of about one square kilometer. Temple has an amazing natural mountain Maitreya, up Baizhang, sitting east of the West." It was realy great to hike in green mountains and waterfalls.

WE had lunch and reached at the place where we have to start rafting in wuxi river.the river was wide with sparkling white water,As rafting is always a fun in water and I realy enjoyed that part.& tried to capture that fun

As soon as we reached at end point of rafting almost evrbody was wet and many of us started playing in water,throwing water at each other n pushing others in water.

We got back to hotel and took rest and in the evening.there was hot water spring to enjoy and relax your body and again party time.

Day 3

Last day as planned after breakfast we drove to landscape gallery, terraced wonderlands amazing Mountains &watching the clouds, terraces.we reached there around 10 and started hiking .

Todya’s hiking was strenuous than last day’s but the natural view and fresh breeze was amazing.we drove back to downtown, had our lunch and started our journey to shanghai.

It was a great trip as everything was planned and organized .our tour leaders played huge role in this.they were very supportive interactive.provided with a platform to interact with people of different nationalities and learning Chinese culture more closely


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