Travel Blog | Tantou Island Beach Camping and Hiking

Updated: Mar 19

Article by: Christopher Bahlo

Photos by: Jaswinder Virk

Okdeal Tantou Island Beach Camping and Hiking Trip in 10-12 June 2013

My journey to Tantou Island was a once in a lifetime experience full of adventure and excitement. I am originally from Washington D.C. and this trip was my first real experience of Southeast China outside of Shanghai. We first departed from the Hilton Hotel at 7:30 am and headed towards the harbor. Along the way we crossed over one of the world’s largest bridges called the Hangzhou Bay Bridge. I originally thought that the Chesapeake Bay bridge close to my hometown was big, but this one paled into comparison to the Hangzhou. On either side of the bridge there are farmers and fisherman collecting food for the locals, which was a site to see within itself. After roughly 30 minutes of traveling over the bridge we decided to take a short pit stop and continue back on our journey to the Tantou Island Harbor.

Nearly 4:30 hours later, we arrived at the harbor and we naturally decided to get some KFC! The menu was nothing like the menus you would find back in the states, but it was a pleasant surprise. My friends and I also decided to head over the grocery store next door and load up on BUG SPRAY, small snacks, and other beverages. After lunch and packing up, our tour group was divided up and transported over to the island by three different local fishermen.

After about a 45 minute boat ride, we made it to the port on the Island and took a small shuttle over to the main part of the island.

Boat Ride View of the Harbor

After preparing our tents on the beach and settling in, I finally was able to meet up with the rest of the people in the tour group! We played soccer, jumped into the ocean, and just talked about our different background and cultures. One of the major highlights for me was hands down the people within my group! They were all great company and overall nice people who just made the experience that much better.

Landed on the Island