Travel Blog | Tanxianling Weekend Gateway

Article by: Yan Hua

Photos by: Trip members

Okdeal Siming Mountain Hiking Trip in 10 June 2017

This time OK,Deal Club! has brought us on a one-day trip to Tan Xianling, which is located in the middle of North and South Lake (南北湖) of Haining, a 3-hour bus drive away from Shanghai.

The day’s itinerary includes a hiking routine in the mountains, a relaxing lunch in a quaint pavilion, afterwards more hiking followed by a stroll around the lakes.

Just enough activities for a day – not too idle, but not too cramped as well.

Tan Xianling is a quiet retreat that is much less visited than many of its famed counterparts but no less a treat of the eye.

Greeneries abound. For a start, the hiking trail in the mountain is refreshingly unpopulated, with a decent combination of both stony, muddy paths and concrete, asphalt roads.

This is somewhere that you can really take a deep breath and just enjoy the country quietude, while strengthening you muscles and stretching your legs a bit.