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TravelBlog | What draws me back to Gouqi Island again and again?

Daniel Yenshaw, as one of our old friends, has been to Gouqi Island with OKDeal for 4 times! What exactly attracts him visit there again and again? Let's take a look at the Gouqi Island in the eyes of Daniel.

Gouqi Island a part of the of the Shengsi which is an archipelago of islands (only 18 that are inhabited). Most of the islands are known for their fishing and tourism. But one island stands out above the rest and that is Goqui island.

In the 1980s this village was a place where most fishermen called home. However with promise of a better life on the Chinese mainland which the boom of China’s economy, most people moved there. This is still not a major tourist attraction in China which makes it nice, even though it has grown in the last couple of years. Small hotel/guesthouses dot this part of the island with most not being over 4 or 5 floors.

As this was my fourth time there, I knew pretty much where to go (or try to go), as many of the sections are forbidden because of unsafe structures. I still am amazed at the buildings and how they have somewhat been lost in time.

As vines grow on the houses and old bottles lay around, you can't help but wonder, what did this place look like during its hay-day? What keeps drawing me to go back to this place over and over again? I believe it has not been overtaken by tourism and this abandoned village is not something you will find in other parts of the world. My fear is that it will be overtaken by tourism and lose the appeal and luster of its post apocalyptic scene look……

Some people that lived in the village have relocated to the other side of the island that supports tourism with their seafood street which is composed of different restaurants that cater to groups of people.

Other things to do on the island is go fishing, go to the beach or simply just enjoy the walk of life that no other place in the world has. As China is becoming a shopping culture and most place in the mainland have big malls or shopping streets, this place is still holding to its simplistic values of life, and let's hope it stays that way….

As my time in China comes to an end, I am happy to have visited this place so many times on short three day holidays. I would definitely keep coming back over and over again over the years to see how much it has changed (or not changed). If the abandoned island part was not enough to see, the relaxation of just walking the streets would be a major selling point. I will truly miss coming here!

Thanks Daniel for sharing with us the experience and the feelings! Thanks all for offering the nice pictures. Hope the island will remain beautiful and peaceful.


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